Service Proz Integrates Quick Books Desktop with Your Business Needs

QuickBooks is a vital program for many businesses and at Service Proz, we recognized the importance of QuickBooks On Line and QuickBooks desktop integration for your

When you sync the power of your existing QuickBooks application with Service Prozyour business’s important information and data, billing and invoicing, instantly your productivity is matched with Service Proz’s workforce management solution.

Once Service Proz and QuickBooks are synced organizing your company’s important data is a breeze. Service Proz works seamlessly for you because our application is tailored and targeted to the home service industry for your convenience.

The sync process just takes a few clicks and a few minutes from start to finish. Then from one application, Service Proz and QuickBooks are synced and your business can manage customers, employees, billing and invoicing from just one place. All your important business information is securely stored safely in the cloud for convenient, mobile access.

Scheduling Your Work Orders Efficiently

Screenshot of Service Proz Calendar

Scheduling work orders can be somewhat overwhelming for any business. Customers want their job done yesterday, and there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done. There are a number of issues a scheduler or dispatcher has to contend with as far as completing each job on schedule.

  • Is the technician capable?
  • Does he have the knowledge and expertise?
  • Is he capable of handling the additional work?
  • Does he have tools and parts required and tools?

After all of those questions are answered, your technicians go into windshield time. Routing a tech through today’s busy roads is sometimes one of the biggest challenges. With the utilization of Service Proz “Calendar” along with the “Visual Map” and the ability to optimize a route, a scheduler will be equipped with the tools that will help or assist in getting each job completed, and on schedule.

Screenshot of Service Proz Map

With Service Proz scheduling your company’s appointments, work orders and routes; you will easily streamline every business day which saves on fuel and, most importantly, time.

Service Proz Launches New Apple, Android Apps

image (3)Service Proz has recently deployed a new version of our mobile application for the Apple family of smart phones and iPads. We offer an Android compatible app, as well. 

After several requests to fully integrate our mobile solution with the desktop version we have now deployed Apple Version 2.0.

The NEW enhancements for our Apple App.

  1. Better visibility and functionality from an Admin Level along with some enhancements at the Field Level.
  2. Admin Personnel in the field now can access any work order and Schedule a Work Order from anywhere. You can see your field level technician’s work load and adjust if necessary, directly from your smart phone or tablet.
  3. You can Unassign, Assign or Reschedule an appointment with just a few clicks.
  4. The Work Order Request feature received enhancements.
  5. The Picture attachment function has been improved and now the user can choose the resolution at which to save a photo within the app.
  6. Now the user can see Work Order History and Customer History from a smartphone or tablet. You now have the ability to perform full work order management and schedule a work order from a smartphone.
  7. Use Google Navigation for Driving directions within the app for easy mapping to appointments. Pull up directions for any appointment along with tracking the most efficient use of your technicians’ time and fuel costs.

All functions at the User sign on level are enabled from the admin level:

  • Define exactly what your field level personnel can and cannot do inside the app.

Service Proz would be more than happy to demo our new Work Force Management Mobile Application for you.

Please call or contact us for a trial run and see how our solution is a perfect fit for your business software needs.

Download the Service Proz app today and contact us for a personal demo to experience the possibilities for your business. Find Service Proz on Google +!

A New Year with a NEW Service Proz

The New Year came in with a bang last week, and we at Service Proz felt it was time to show you some of the amazing things we’ve been working on and new features we Screenshot_2013-08-19-16-33-38have for 2014.

In 2013, Service Proz experienced unmatched growth within our company and began delving heavily in mobile application to work along side with our workforce management system.

Some our new features we are excited about:

  1. Improved Robust App Functionality for iPhone and Android, iPad/Android tablet.Add attachments from the cloud with Google Drive or Drop Box

  2. Image Attachment (Take a Photo or Attach Existing)

  3. Signature Capture

  4. Team Oriented Clock Management

Most recently, we have added new functionality within our mobile work order application with the ability to now add attachments from the cloud with Google Drive or Drop Box, as well as local files. Our updated work order attachment function now adds more functionality to your mobile workforce management app experience.
As always with Service Proz, use our workforce management software in the office, at home or on the go with our mobile app. With brand new and updated features like scheduling and tracking, customer tracking, technician management and recurring billing and inventory management.
You’re not going to want to miss jumping on board with our workforce management system in 2014!

Join us this week and try a Free Trial of Service Proz and find out how we strive to “provide practical, efficient, dependable and logical software that improves the operational efficiencies of home service businesses.”

Celebrate Small Business Saturday with Service Proz

SS_&_SBS_Nov30_vertical_lockupBetween Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a day dedicated to supporting small business across the country. Small Business Saturday is Nov.30 this year and American Express says that over 100 million people participated in the event last year and made it a point “Shop Small” in their local communities.

What better way to show your friends in the community that you appreciate their small business in your city or town? It is up to all of us to create strong local economies and grow from there.

Black Friday has become almost a national holiday but if you could spare some of the large crowds and long lines at big box stores to support local businesses; the effects will be immense in your community.

Service Proz fully supports Small Business Saturday this year and urges you to participate in such a worthy cause. Contact us to take advantage of our Small Business Saturday special!

From all of us to all of you, enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family—and remember we all have many blessings to be thankful for!

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New Workforce Management Features for Android

Service Proz has recently deployed a new version of our mobile application for the Android smart phones and tablets.

After several request to fully integrate our mobile solution with the desktop version we have now deployed Android Version 2.0.

Our new version now gives the user:

  1. Better visibility and functionality from an Admin Level along with some enhancements at the Field Level.
  2. Admin Personnel in the field now can access any work order, anywhere, anytime. You can see your field level technician’s work load and adjust if necessary, directly from your smart phone or tablet.
  3. You can Unassign or Assign or Reschedule a visit with just a few clicks.


We also have added the ability to Input a work order on request. Our customers now have the ability to perform full work order management and schedule a work order from a smart phone. Along with the ability to control Screenshot_2013-08-19-16-33-38your picture or attachment resolution, we also have enabled all functions at the User sign on level. You define exactly what your field level personnel can and cannot do inside the app.

With all of these exciting features there is one left that makes the Service Proz app run seamlessly on your smartphone and that is the integration of Google Nav within the app. Pull up directions for any appointment along with tracking the most efficient use of your technicians’ time and fuel costs.

Service Proz would be more than happy to demo our new Work Force Management Mobile Application for you.

Please call us for a trial run and see how our solution is a perfect fit to your business software needs.

Push-to-Talk: Old technology; new smartphone

Twenty years ago now, many home service technicians kept in contact with the home office or dispatch with a push-to-talk function on a cell phone; a phone that is far inferior to the smartphones technicians carry around today.

But in recent years, some home service companies and dispatchers have reached out to SGH-A847ZAAATT_1_3the old push-to- talk concept and wanted it replicated on their new smartphones.

Take Tom Raver for example; who started thinking about how to propel his company Fireplace Distributors, Inc., into the future with workforce management software. Raver knew the secret to enter into modern business was in technology and workforce management. His fireplace installation company, of about 20 technicians, needs constant contact for optimal success along with quick contact with his employees–which brought to mind push-to-talk.

Raver purchased tablets for his employees to track scheduling, billing, fuel, mileage, etc. and new push-to-talk flip phones for immediate contact with his technicians. recently addressed this push-to-talk radio feature on their website.

“Across the business spectrum, there is intense focus these days on mobility. Companies want to arm employees with the tools needed to do more things from more places—and to do it all faster. Smartphones are getting smarter. And two-way radios are getting smaller and more sophisticated. In fact, cell phones and two-way radios now can be hard to tell apart. With the convergence of the two technologies, it’s natural to ask: Which is right for my business, cell phones or two-way radios?” according to

In Raver’s situation it was even financially more sound to choose a push-to-talk and tablet combo than equipping all employees with smartphones. Fireplace Distributors, after the initial expense of the tablets and push-to-talk flip phones, will pay about $50 a month for each technician’s tablet and cell service ensuring 100% mobility. also reports that, “A discussion of cell phones and two-way radios naturally will explore the advantages of each technology over various points of comparison. But in most cases, the two technologies are not direct competitors. Instead, cell phones and two-way radios are wireless mobile communications devices that have specific advantages, depending on the user’s requirements.

“So, weighing the two options is really an exercise in needs analysis. That evaluation begins with a discussion of a company’s communications philosophy and the urgency of its communications.”

For a home service company that wants technicians to only have contact with the home office and other co-workers, the push-to-talk feature is a no-brainer. If your company wants to monitor online activity, this push-to-talk and tablet combo gives management even more control over employees overusing the online element of smartphone. GPS also is available of many of these phones.

Push-to-Talk pros:

  • Long battery life on new push-to-talk phones like the Samsung Rugby

  • Call restriction features

  • One button access to contacts

To make the decision for your company on a total workforce management system and what type of mobility technology to choose; first identify the pros and cons of a smartphone, push-to-talk radio function and the speed in which you need to communicate with employees.

Choosing the push-to-talk application could be the key to mobility that your home service company and workforce management system is ready for in  today’s business environment.

Workforce Management Apps Are the Future

Fireplace Distributors, Inc.When Tom Raver started thinking about how to propel his company Fireplace Distributors, Inc., into the future he knew the secret was in workforce management. Gone are the days of keep stacks of papers and full filing cabinets—business documents are heading quickly to cloud storage and mobility is key.

“We all have our systems but no one was able to put the pieces together until Service Proz,” Raver said.  

Raver owns a family-owned fireplace distributor in Louisville, Ky. and had been looking tirelessly into workforce management systems until he found the perfect solution with Service Proz. Plus, Raver needed an efficient and easy way to track hundreds of photos his technicians took of completed fireplace installations.

“We tried it all but Service Proz finally allows us to have a picture,” Raver said. 

Service Proz is a workforce management system that can offer:

  • App development for iPhone and Android for your customersIMG_3273
  • Mobility
  • Cloud based storage
  • Security
  • More control over technicians

Raver also went forward with a smartphone app developed by Service Proz that puts Fireplace Distributors literally in the hands of its customers.
Customers can easily download the app for iPhone or Android and schedule appoints by choosing the date, time and service required.

“I’m definitely getting the app done, I’m on board for sure with app development to tie back into Service Proz,” Raver said. “I want to be known as the best service company that sells fireplaces.” 

Service Proz, a workforce management vendor, has done the testing and the work for you, our app systems are tailored to the home service and construction industries for simple and organized workforce management for your business.

Play in the Office?

1326446_48984694Do you enjoy going to the office in the morning? Are your employees happy to come to the office every day?

If not, there is a new thought out there that having fun in the office makes everyone a little more happy–which in turn increases productivity. recently ran an article citing The National Institute for Play who says: “As play is woven into the fabric of social practices, we will dramatically transform our personal health, our relationships, the education we provide our children and the capacity of our corporations to innovate.”

Large corporations like YouTube and are taking this seriously and even installed a slide in their office and Google also added more “play” to their offices around the world.

Think about ways that you could add play into the office space.

  • Incorporate games: If you have a lawn care company, have a contest on who can mow the grass the fastest or with the most flare.
  • Have a monthly special lunch for employees or even Happy Hour, even a pot luck can be fun. Add a theme and you are ready to party.
  • Add a game room, like CNN has done. Have competitions or tournaments for even more fun.

We are interested in what home service companies are doing out there to have fun in the office. Let us know how you have fun in the workplace or maybe even plans for the future!

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We are throwing a party!

Please come celebrate with us and our release of the Service Proz app for iPhone! We just launched the iPhone app, and along with our Android app, we now have a complete presence in the smartphone marketplace.

The Service Proz app works from anywhere and you can easily download the app for FREE on Google Play or iTunes and have all of your company’s important information right at your fingertips.

Log in to the Service Proz application the way you normally would on a PC with your username and password and easily access your important business contacts, technicians, sales personnel, billing, and so much more! Update orders or appointments from anywhere with the mobile Service Proz app.

Here are some of the benefits of Service Proz:

  • Gain control over your service technicians.  Allocate them work when and where your customers need you.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by communicating directly.  Let your customers know what’s happening and manage their expectations.
  • Give your service technicians increased visibility of their workload and expectations with mobile access to scheduled jobs, customer information and time sheets.
  • Improve your business’s insight into job visibility and progress, customer alerts, and invoice tracking.
  • Reduce billing times by invoicing customers as soon as work is completed.
  • Reduce fuel costs through smarter technician routing and focus on the environment by reducing unwanted carbon emissions.
  • A secure, reliable, affordable and easy to use solution

photo (1) photo (2)

Get Connected!

Service Proz is a cloud based workforce management solution for home service businesses. Not every home service business is the same; Service Proz can accommodate those needs as well. Give your company an Iphone or Android application for your customers with the help of Service Proz. We can create an app for your company.
Your customers can contact your company with a click of an app on their smartphone and easily request for service, or possibly just to be contacted by a representative of your company

Contact Service Proz today for your workforce management solutions.