Work Order Management from Mobile Device

Last week we talked about the five benefits of using a desktop for managing work orders, but what about using mobile devices?

In most cases, work order management (WOM) is best done from a desktop. This computer acts as the hub, sending information out to other users. For service-based businesses, the project manager or scheduler uses the desktop. Crews and others working off-site can access this information from their mobile device, using a streamlined version of the WOM software. While the mobile access isn’t as comprehensive as on a desktop, mobile users hold a wealth of information in their hands.

All WOM software offers different features, but let’s look at what users of Service Proz‘ mobile application can do from their phone.

  • Check schedules
  • See maps and routes to job sites
  • Review and adjust project details
  • Comment on project status
  • Add before and after project photos
  • Get client sign-offs on projects
  • Mark jobs ready for billing

The Service Proz solution was made for small service-based businesses. Once the software is set up, the app’s many features will increase productivity and billable hours.

What do you like most about using work order management software? Tell us in the comments section.

button-getstartedDownload the app and try out Service Proz for yourself. While you’re at it, sign up for an account on our website and talk to Billy about scheduling a walk-through!


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