Monthly Archives: October 2012

Tips for scheduling service appointments

Appointment or service scheduling is one of the most important duties that you and your employees handle on a daily basis! There are ways to make this process easier for everyone involved, especially for your clients! We thought about ways to make scheduling easier and looked around the web for ideas—here are a few of the tips that we came up with:

  • Don’t get nervous on the phone, pretend that you are scheduling the appointment in person! Give your name and your company’s then ask for the client’s name. Make sure you express how important it is for you to tailor the service call to their needs and schedule.
  • Keep each scheduling conversation short and to the point!
  • Use a service scheduling software like Service Proz to streamline the scheduling process. It’s simple and easy to have management, the client and the technician in the know! With Service Proz at your fingertips your scheduling will run smoother than ever before.
  • The words to use when you schedule an appointment really do matter. Offer various times for your client’s to decide about the appointment; use words like “when” rather than “whether.” For example, “Is this afternoon good or would Tuesday be better?”
  • When you ask to speak with your client, say “Bill Jones, please,” rather than “May I speak to Bill Jones?” Don’t ask for permission, but speak with authority.

With Service Proz workforce management software your scheduling and invoicing will become a breeze. The app easily downloaded to your smartphone or tablet is a low cost for the value you receive in return. Contact us today and get one step closer to better communication for your company and, most importantly, your clients.


Workforce Management is more than just scheduling

Workforce management is far more than a human resources term or just a way to schedule employees. Managing your workforce is one of the most important aspects of your home service business to maintain happy clients and a high level of service for your customers.

Workforce Management covers customer management, billing, technician management, scheduling–and what Service Proz provides is a way to make all of this mobile!

For example, with Service Proz your employees can clock in at an appointment, check exact job duties from their smartphone along with pulling up a map with directions. At the home office, managers have the ability to schedule technicians, create work orders and bill customers with just a few clicks.

The mobility of using Service Proz in the office and in the field, along with the freedom of using cloud-based software is what will set your HVAC, cleaning or even plumbing company apart from the others.

In the end you save time, money and please your valuable customers with excellent service.

Service Proz can handle your workforce management competitively in today’s market. Contact us today for more information and this fall receive one month free with new service.