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Mobility lets you get back to life

Is your work holding you back from life’s most important milestones? Are you locked down to a desk with your current work order management software? So many companies today have cut the proverbial cord and have gone wireless and mobile. Work is possible from anywhere with mobile and cloud based options offered today.

Schedule appointments and stay in touch with technicians beach side or while enjoying the view of the Appalachians. Catch a week night baseball game while billing customers from the stands.

Today’s business landscape offers so many more solutions to link your home service business with real life and in real time.

Take a quick look at the most recent mobility video from Service Proz and see what the flexibility of mobile business apps can offer your HVAC, electrician, plumbing or home cleaning business.


Android OS topping tablet popularity

The best tablet for your business will feature durability, an easy to use operating system and speed; the Apple iPad has been on top of the market with the best features since its inception—but the Android operating system is making a statement today with great tablets, too, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and the Google Nexus 10, according to

CNet adds that the “open-source nature of Google’s Android OS makes it inviting for many hardware manufacturers to try their hand at making an Android-based device.”

The top 5 Android tablets include:n10-2

1. Google Nexus 7

2. Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700

3. Google Nexus 10

4. Asus Transformer Pad TF300

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
(, pictured: Google Nexus 10)

More and more businesses are using tablets every day for new and innovative uses in the office and out in the field. From the  landscaping company or HVAC professional that uses a tablet for work order management, scheduling and billing—tablets are changing the way business is being done.

Let us know which tablet is your favorite and why.

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