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Save time with email management and cool apps!

Just like most Americans, you are probably on the go constantly! Running to the office, meetings, the grocery store, meeting friends, going to the gym and the list goes on and on.

Do you feel like you need three or four extra hours in the day to get everything done? You are not alone!

According to a blog from Microsoft, it’s not necessarily that you don’t have enough time; it’s how you are managing your hectic days that make the most impact.

The post from Microsoft says that the best way to begin managing your time more efficiently is to create a detailed to-do list and keep your email under control.

  1. Make sure you have folders set for any email from bills, to work emails or even your children’s school.
  2. Also, unsubscribe from emails that you aren’t interested in or don’t provide you any interesting content. For example, if you don’t shop at a certain store anymore, unsubscribe from their daily sale email.
  3. Also, don’t be an email hoarder! Get rid of what you don’t need and file the rest away.

In today’s 24/7 working world there also are other ways to trim time with the all-important smartphone to make more time for what you WANT to do.

Using a smartphone in business today, whether you are a sales professional or operate a home cleaning business, is essential for time management. You may think that you don’t want to rely so much on a smartphone but there are amazing applications that can save so much time.

This year Turbo Tax is flaunting a new service where you can take a photo of your W-2 and file your taxes from your smartphone! Many tax preparations are more involved but for thousands of people, this is a HUGE time saver.

Expensify is an app that tracks your business expenses and mileage while traveling for business. You can take photos of receipts and even send to your employer, or have your employees send to you!

Dragon Dictation is a speech-to-text app that is a timesaver for anyone that sends texts! Just speak your text and it appears on your phone, the app claims to be 5 times faster than typing!

Here’s one more that we find amazing; Fast Customer. The app actually will maneuver through any automated phone system, waiting until it is connected to a real person. Beyond the time saving aspect, this app will help keep your blood pressure under control!
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Sync Service Proz with QuickBooks for a new era of efficiency

Presentation1Everyday it seems like there is one more piece of technology to harness and new advancements released.

And doesn’t everything from your smartphone, iPod, iPad, tablets, etc. need to be synced together for optimal use? There are cords and programs that, at times, can seem overwhelming that all of these technologies link together BUT once they are linked your productivity skyrockets!

This also is true when you harness the power of your existing QuickBooks application and sync it with Service Proz–uniquely designed by professionals for the home service industry. 

With just a few clicks your customer’s and your business’s important information and data, including things like billing and invoicing, are synced for the unmatched productivity provided by Service Proz workforce management solution.

Once Service Proz and QuickBooks are synced the possibilities of organizing your company’s important data is endless! You will have more time to focus on your business and your customers. Service Proz works seamlessly for you because Service Proz is tailored and targeted to the home service industry for your convenience and your company’s success.

Once the QuickBooks application is open on your computer, it literally takes just a few clicks to upload and sync data with the two applications. All the information you need for your company will then be right at your fingertips.

Now, from just one application, once Service Proz and QuickBooks are synced, you can manage customers, employees, billing and invoicing from just one place. That means either from the office, on the road or on a vacation! And all the information is stored securely and safely in the cloud for mobile access from just about anywhere giving you more time to do just about anything!

Please contact Service Proz today for more information or a free demo to begin your journey to increased efficiency for your company!

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Please your customers!

479608_54799494Sometimes our plans for our business or projects take an unexpected turn when a customer has a special request.  This is something that we like to take in stride at Service Proz and we see how we can accommodate our customers and potential leads.

Recently, we added a specific service to our application but a new customer didn’t need that service. Well, we went on a mission to make sure our services fit his company’s needs–and we did! We didn’t have to think long about adjusting our service for his company because if our customers believe in Service Proz and our applications, then we have the obligation to return that support!

Are you sure you are pleasing your customers with the highest level of customer service? Here are a few ideas to keep in mind and keep your customers happy!

  • Do you continually re-evaluate each customer’s needs and how to make their experience top notch? Would you tweak your service to meet your customer’s needs?
  • Do you know your customer’s company and the services they offer? Do you make small talk about their industry and engage in conversation about what is important to them?
  • Are you making sure you provide your service at the highest level, everyday? Are your employees a fabulous representation of your company?

Today’s world is so caught up with technology that the important of customer service can get lost in the shuffle, but keep it a top priority in your business!

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New year, new possibilities with QuickBooks

Presentation1Happy New Year! The new year brings a world of possibilities but after the hustle and bustle of the holidays, unfortunately, it’s time to get back to work!
Are you sitting in your office wondering how you are going to prepare your company’s taxes this year? Always a daunting task even if you are fortunate enough to have an accountant! There are still records to pull, invoices, receipts and all other sorts of paperwork to prepare.

In 2013, why not make it a point to be more organized and take control of your company’s information and documents with a workforce management system along with QuickBooks?

The new year offers a starting point to create organization within your company which will give you more time to talk to customers, or even find new ones! When you integrate a workforce management system with QuickBooks the dividends are immeasurable, here are some of the benefits:

  • Gain control over your service technicians
  • Increase customer satisfaction by communicating directly
  • Give you service technicians increased visibility of their workload and expectations
  • Reduce billing times by invoicing instantaneously

Next week, Service Proz, will release an informative video on how your workforce management system integrates your customers and scheduling easily with QuickBooks. With your company’s scheduling and customer information 100% mobile and all stored in the cloud, the possibilities for your home service company are endless!


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