Workforce Management Apps Are the Future

Fireplace Distributors, Inc.When Tom Raver started thinking about how to propel his company Fireplace Distributors, Inc., into the future he knew the secret was in workforce management. Gone are the days of keep stacks of papers and full filing cabinets—business documents are heading quickly to cloud storage and mobility is key.

“We all have our systems but no one was able to put the pieces together until Service Proz,” Raver said.  

Raver owns a family-owned fireplace distributor in Louisville, Ky. and had been looking tirelessly into workforce management systems until he found the perfect solution with Service Proz. Plus, Raver needed an efficient and easy way to track hundreds of photos his technicians took of completed fireplace installations.

“We tried it all but Service Proz finally allows us to have a picture,” Raver said. 

Service Proz is a workforce management system that can offer:

  • App development for iPhone and Android for your customersIMG_3273
  • Mobility
  • Cloud based storage
  • Security
  • More control over technicians

Raver also went forward with a smartphone app developed by Service Proz that puts Fireplace Distributors literally in the hands of its customers.
Customers can easily download the app for iPhone or Android and schedule appoints by choosing the date, time and service required.

“I’m definitely getting the app done, I’m on board for sure with app development to tie back into Service Proz,” Raver said. “I want to be known as the best service company that sells fireplaces.” 

Service Proz, a workforce management vendor, has done the testing and the work for you, our app systems are tailored to the home service and construction industries for simple and organized workforce management for your business.

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  1. What kind of demo can you show me?

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