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Celebrate Small Business Saturday with Service Proz

SS_&_SBS_Nov30_vertical_lockupBetween Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a day dedicated to supporting small business across the country. Small Business Saturday is Nov.30 this year and American Express says that over 100 million people participated in the event last year and made it a point “Shop Small” in their local communities.

What better way to show your friends in the community that you appreciate their small business in your city or town? It is up to all of us to create strong local economies and grow from there.

Black Friday has become almost a national holiday but if you could spare some of the large crowds and long lines at big box stores to support local businesses; the effects will be immense in your community.

Service Proz fully supports Small Business Saturday this year and urges you to participate in such a worthy cause. Contact us to take advantage of our Small Business Saturday special!

From all of us to all of you, enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family—and remember we all have many blessings to be thankful for!

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“The cloud” a necessity for business with super storms in our future

After Sandy, cloud computing now at the forefront for small business

Service Proz knows how important cloud based computing is for business but many other businesses have realized the importance of “the cloud” after Sandy blew up the East Coast into New England and across the Midwest. With  Service Proz, even with a super storm damaging businesses and homes, your company’s files would be safe and sound with Service Proz.

We would like to offer our service free for the first and third month, with a new contract, to those who felt effects from Sandy; either from flood, wind or fire damage. Our thoughts are with all of the areas of the country still recovering and rebuilding from Sandy, especially New England.

Unfortunately, these mega storms are seen more and more each year, and keeping your important records in “the cloud” is becoming essential to move forward with today’s technological business atmosphere. Service Proz can easily store and record all your important information along with organizing your documents, invoices and other files in an easier way than ever before.

Our service comes in at a low cost with a high return by using less paper, streamlining your business while gaining more control over appointment setting and employees; among many other time and money saving features. We strive to help your small business succeed and give you more time to focus on your clients! Our software is cloud based which enables you to always access your information from anywhere.

With Service Proz, organization and efficiency are at your fingertips, giving your home service business features that help your business run smoothly.

Please contact us today to find out more about Service Proz.
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Love Your Business this Valentine’s Day

Service Proz is offering 50% off a year’s subscription to their all-in-one service management solution.  Are you tired of scheduling your employees by hand,  using Excel to keep track of your inventory, and using paper systems to keep track of your customers and billing?  Transform your business this Valentine’s day with Service Proz’s complete service management solution, including drag and drop scheduling, routing, automatic billing with QuickBooks integration, inventory management, a CRM, and more!  But hurry, this offer ends February 14th at 5:00 P.M. PST.  Call (877) 880-8979 today or email to sign up and transform your business!