Play in the Office?

1326446_48984694Do you enjoy going to the office in the morning? Are your employees happy to come to the office every day?

If not, there is a new thought out there that having fun in the office makes everyone a little more happy–which in turn increases productivity. recently ran an article citing The National Institute for Play who says: “As play is woven into the fabric of social practices, we will dramatically transform our personal health, our relationships, the education we provide our children and the capacity of our corporations to innovate.”

Large corporations like YouTube and are taking this seriously and even installed a slide in their office and Google also added more “play” to their offices around the world.

Think about ways that you could add play into the office space.

  • Incorporate games: If you have a lawn care company, have a contest on who can mow the grass the fastest or with the most flare.
  • Have a monthly special lunch for employees or even Happy Hour, even a pot luck can be fun. Add a theme and you are ready to party.
  • Add a game room, like CNN has done. Have competitions or tournaments for even more fun.

We are interested in what home service companies are doing out there to have fun in the office. Let us know how you have fun in the workplace or maybe even plans for the future!

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  1. Reblogged this on The Sands Social Media and commented:
    Adding a little fun and play time in the office can make a manic Monday something special! I have the unfortunate pleasure of working in an office where creativity was shot down, along with talking–we were writers! How can you come up with amazing ideas if your brain and creativity is stifled?!
    In a a new blog from Service Proz they look into way to make any business a better place to be from the employees up to the management and owner.
    Let me know what you think, do you think productivity increases when fun enters the work zone?

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