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Work Order Management from Mobile Device

Last week we talked about the five benefits of using a desktop for managing work orders, but what about using mobile devices?

In most cases, work order management (WOM) is best done from a desktop. This computer acts as the hub, sending information out to other users. For service-based businesses, the project manager or scheduler uses the desktop. Crews and others working off-site can access this information from their mobile device, using a streamlined version of the WOM software. While the mobile access isn’t as comprehensive as on a desktop, mobile users hold a wealth of information in their hands.

All WOM software offers different features, but let’s look at what users of Service Proz‘ mobile application can do from their phone.

  • Check schedules
  • See maps and routes to job sites
  • Review and adjust project details
  • Comment on project status
  • Add before and after project photos
  • Get client sign-offs on projects
  • Mark jobs ready for billing

The Service Proz solution was made for small service-based businesses. Once the software is set up, the app’s many features will increase productivity and billable hours.

What do you like most about using work order management software? Tell us in the comments section.

button-getstartedDownload the app and try out Service Proz for yourself. While you’re at it, sign up for an account on our website and talk to Billy about scheduling a walk-through!


Make Scheduling Jobs a Breeze

Deciding which crew should be going where can be a headache. Most schedulers’ desks are cluttered with post-it notes, and others have messy white boards covered with notes and arrows. Here are some tips on how to streamline your scheduling system.


The Service Proz app was made for small service-based businesses. Once the software is set up, the app’s many features will increase productivity and billable hours. Sign up for a free trial of the app, or contact us today to schedule an app walk-through.

1. Check the map.

There’s no point to zig-zagging across town. A good scheduler will assign jobs to crews that are relatively nearby. This can be accomplished by setting up zones within your service area, either by zip code, by location of streets and waterways (ie, east of I-75, north of Bixby River), or by distance around landmarks (ie, 10 miles around City Hall). You might want to take your crew’s habits into consideration, such as the location of preferred lunch spots.

The Service Proz app feature called Zip Codes and Zones will help reduce your business’ fuel consumption. You can set up zones by zip code and assign crew members to certain locations. Your scheduler will then only have the ability to code a work order to crews that are able to work that zone.

2. Group projects that will require similar equipment.

Carting around heavy equipment costs your company money in gas and in wear and tear of company vehicles, not to mention unnecessary time and manpower. A scheduler can assign a crew jobs that will require similar tools. A good rule of thumb is to write up a detailed work order, complete with a list of special items needed, so your scheduler knows exactly what needs to be accomplished on site.

Adding details about projects is simple using the Service Proz app. When writing up a Work Order, project managers can type details in the description field and include photographs of the site. Schedulers can access this information when planning the crews’ schedules, and the crew can also view the project details prior to the job.

3. Know your team’s limits.

Unless you’ve hired Superman, your crew can only work so many hours a day. Think about the project from start to finish when calculating a crew’s time. This includes loading and preparing the service vehicle at you facility at the start and finish of the day, along with loading and unloading equipment at the job site. Travel time to each destination needs to be accounted for, too. Schedules can also be padded with an extra 15 minutes at each site in case the crew needs to speak with a client.

The Capacity Calculator tool on the Service Proz app allows managers to determine how many jobs your crews can handle, based on the number of hours each project requires and the number of hours a crew can handle that day. The Service Proz app also manages personnel, so the scheduler knows when field techs are out sick or on vacation.

screenshot-02-smInterested in learning how the Service Proz app can make your service-based business more efficient? Sign up for a free trial of the app, or contact us today to schedule an app walk-through.

The Dilemma of Change

Every day, business owners are faced with this statement: to change or not to change. Imagine how many times you visualize something that will benefit your company but you never do anything to follow thru with it. The reasons people don’t change their ways imagesyyare endless and sometimes not seeing the value of change is the problem. The value of change is especially not seen when it comes to technology, because technology is something not everyone has become accustomed to. Not only is technology in the small business world more affordable than ever, it is also more powerful.

Changes made ten years ago were driven by the growth of our businesses. As our company grew, so did our binders and number of forms. We used more sticky-notes and put more white boards on the wall. But the small business world has evolved. Today change means computer training, learning a new software, understanding your smart phone or social media, and so much more.

The programs available today are affordableyou won’t find yourself having to take out a mortgage on your first born! However, you might have to give a little to get a lot. You have to be able to weigh the value of giving up some of your processes you have become so accustom to. For example, you like and feel comfortable using paper forms and work orders for your crew, however you are now looking into a program that allows your crew to get their work load and so much more on their phone or imagestablet.

Once you understand the process and program completely, I feel confident that you too will see the huge benefits of moving forward and changing your business with new technology.

The benefits of this program keep getting better and better. Your crew would soon be able to use their tablet or smart phone to get from job to job, that means no more paper maps! They can also now snap a quick picture with their chosen device instead of carrying around a camera that has to be uploaded to a computer at the end of every work day.

To change or not to change…you decide!

What are your plans for 2015?


The new year brings new and fresh possibilities to your business! Why not start out 2015 by streamlining your workforce, scheduling and increased mobility for your business?

With Service Proz you can start out the year with a bang with our workforce management software.

Some of our updated features include:

  • The Service Proz app is now updated to seamlessly run efficiently with iOS 8
  • Image attachment
  • Mapping and scheduling
  • Storage of important data in the cloud
  • Team oriented clock management

With Service Proz; using workforce management software in the office, at home or on the go with our mobile app will take your business to the next level. With features like scheduling and tracking, customer tracking, technician management and recurring billing and inventory management your company will never miss an opportunity to increase sales and workforce management!

You’re not going to want to miss jumping on board with Service Proz system in 2015!

Contact us today for a demo of Service Proz and find out how we can provide to “provide practical, efficient, dependable and logical software that improves the operational efficiencies of home service businesses.

Service Proz Integrates Quick Books Desktop with Your Business Needs

QuickBooks is a vital program for many businesses and at Service Proz, we recognized the importance of QuickBooks On Line and QuickBooks desktop integration for your

When you sync the power of your existing QuickBooks application with Service Prozyour business’s important information and data, billing and invoicing, instantly your productivity is matched with Service Proz’s workforce management solution.

Once Service Proz and QuickBooks are synced organizing your company’s important data is a breeze. Service Proz works seamlessly for you because our application is tailored and targeted to the home service industry for your convenience.

The sync process just takes a few clicks and a few minutes from start to finish. Then from one application, Service Proz and QuickBooks are synced and your business can manage customers, employees, billing and invoicing from just one place. All your important business information is securely stored safely in the cloud for convenient, mobile access.

Sync Service Proz with QuickBooks for a new era of efficiency

Presentation1Everyday it seems like there is one more piece of technology to harness and new advancements released.

And doesn’t everything from your smartphone, iPod, iPad, tablets, etc. need to be synced together for optimal use? There are cords and programs that, at times, can seem overwhelming that all of these technologies link together BUT once they are linked your productivity skyrockets!

This also is true when you harness the power of your existing QuickBooks application and sync it with Service Proz–uniquely designed by professionals for the home service industry. 

With just a few clicks your customer’s and your business’s important information and data, including things like billing and invoicing, are synced for the unmatched productivity provided by Service Proz workforce management solution.

Once Service Proz and QuickBooks are synced the possibilities of organizing your company’s important data is endless! You will have more time to focus on your business and your customers. Service Proz works seamlessly for you because Service Proz is tailored and targeted to the home service industry for your convenience and your company’s success.

Once the QuickBooks application is open on your computer, it literally takes just a few clicks to upload and sync data with the two applications. All the information you need for your company will then be right at your fingertips.

Now, from just one application, once Service Proz and QuickBooks are synced, you can manage customers, employees, billing and invoicing from just one place. That means either from the office, on the road or on a vacation! And all the information is stored securely and safely in the cloud for mobile access from just about anywhere giving you more time to do just about anything!

Please contact Service Proz today for more information or a free demo to begin your journey to increased efficiency for your company!

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Workforce Management is more than just scheduling

Workforce management is far more than a human resources term or just a way to schedule employees. Managing your workforce is one of the most important aspects of your home service business to maintain happy clients and a high level of service for your customers.

Workforce Management covers customer management, billing, technician management, scheduling–and what Service Proz provides is a way to make all of this mobile!

For example, with Service Proz your employees can clock in at an appointment, check exact job duties from their smartphone along with pulling up a map with directions. At the home office, managers have the ability to schedule technicians, create work orders and bill customers with just a few clicks.

The mobility of using Service Proz in the office and in the field, along with the freedom of using cloud-based software is what will set your HVAC, cleaning or even plumbing company apart from the others.

In the end you save time, money and please your valuable customers with excellent service.

Service Proz can handle your workforce management competitively in today’s market. Contact us today for more information and this fall receive one month free with new service.