The Dilemma of Change

Every day, business owners are faced with this statement: to change or not to change. Imagine how many times you visualize something that will benefit your company but you never do anything to follow thru with it. The reasons people don’t change their ways imagesyyare endless and sometimes not seeing the value of change is the problem. The value of change is especially not seen when it comes to technology, because technology is something not everyone has become accustomed to. Not only is technology in the small business world more affordable than ever, it is also more powerful.

Changes made ten years ago were driven by the growth of our businesses. As our company grew, so did our binders and number of forms. We used more sticky-notes and put more white boards on the wall. But the small business world has evolved. Today change means computer training, learning a new software, understanding your smart phone or social media, and so much more.

The programs available today are affordableyou won’t find yourself having to take out a mortgage on your first born! However, you might have to give a little to get a lot. You have to be able to weigh the value of giving up some of your processes you have become so accustom to. For example, you like and feel comfortable using paper forms and work orders for your crew, however you are now looking into a program that allows your crew to get their work load and so much more on their phone or imagestablet.

Once you understand the process and program completely, I feel confident that you too will see the huge benefits of moving forward and changing your business with new technology.

The benefits of this program keep getting better and better. Your crew would soon be able to use their tablet or smart phone to get from job to job, that means no more paper maps! They can also now snap a quick picture with their chosen device instead of carrying around a camera that has to be uploaded to a computer at the end of every work day.

To change or not to change…you decide!

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