Please your customers!

479608_54799494Sometimes our plans for our business or projects take an unexpected turn when a customer has a special request.  This is something that we like to take in stride at Service Proz and we see how we can accommodate our customers and potential leads.

Recently, we added a specific service to our application but a new customer didn’t need that service. Well, we went on a mission to make sure our services fit his company’s needs–and we did! We didn’t have to think long about adjusting our service for his company because if our customers believe in Service Proz and our applications, then we have the obligation to return that support!

Are you sure you are pleasing your customers with the highest level of customer service? Here are a few ideas to keep in mind and keep your customers happy!

  • Do you continually re-evaluate each customer’s needs and how to make their experience top notch? Would you tweak your service to meet your customer’s needs?
  • Do you know your customer’s company and the services they offer? Do you make small talk about their industry and engage in conversation about what is important to them?
  • Are you making sure you provide your service at the highest level, everyday? Are your employees a fabulous representation of your company?

Today’s world is so caught up with technology that the important of customer service can get lost in the shuffle, but keep it a top priority in your business!

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