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Friday Fun Facts for Cleaning Companies

You are looking to start a cleaning company, or you are an established cleaning company looking for more business.  Curious as to what the odds are of getting residential cleaning jobs in the U.S?  The following facts are courtesy of


Research shows that the majority of residential cleaning service customers make more than $75,000 annually.

These households are all potential or current customers of a residential cleaning service business.  Are you targeting the right demographics?  

Some people in the cleaning service business worry that there is too much competition to get enough clients.

That means…

There are PLENTY of potential residential cleaning customers to go around! 

With the right combination of high quality, attentive staff, good marketing, an engaging website, and a commitment to customer service, your cleaning company can be generating substantial revenues!  Keep this in mind as you start or grow your cleaning company.  You have lots of potential

Have a happy Friday, from Service Proz!