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Is an iPad on your Christmas list?

Did you go shopping on Black Friday or shop online on Cyber Monday to purchase a tablet for yourself or a Christmas gift? According to CNN, Cyber Monday sales are up this year 25% from last year; along with Black Friday shoppers, who topped 247 million.
According to PC World tablets were one the most popular items on Americans’ Christmas shopping list. And PC World also predicted that online sales this year would top Black Friday storefront sales, easily.
What’s different about this year’s tablet options is that there are many more choices than just the iPad. The iPad mini has come onto the scene and the new Windows 8 OS—that adds more of a laptop experience to the tablet—which makes the Microsoft product even more appealing and super convenient. 
But the question for many is; “What is the best tablet for business and for pleasure?” PC World says if you are on the go for work that the iPad mini is your best bet but if you want an actual keyboard check out the Microsoft Surface.
Either tablet option is great for your business and can easily use many apps to streamline you daily work load. Service Proz is one of those app options that will certainly help streamline work orders, appointments and tasks with ease. Take Service Proz with you, along with your employees, for the ease of doing business on the go and have mobility at your fingertips!
We welcome your thoughts on tablets and how you use the technology is your daily life! Please comment and share your experiences!
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Support Small Business Saturday

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a day dedicated to supporting small business across the country. Small Business Saturday is Nov. 24 this year and American Express says that over 100 million people participated in the event last year and made it a point “Shop Small” in their local communities. What better way to show your friends in the community that you appreciate their small business in your city or town. It is up to all of us to create strong local economies and grow from there.
Black Friday has become almost a national holiday but if you could spare some of the large crowds and long lines at big box stores to support local businesses; the effects will be immense in your community.
Service Proz fully supports Small Business Saturday this year and urges you to participate in such a worthy cause.
From all of us to all of you, enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family—and remember we all have many blessings to be thankful for!
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