Sign Right Here… It’s That Easy

Sometimes, the hardest thing to capture from a customer is their signature.  It may sound silly, but while a signature is an important part of your business transactions, it is often hard to chase down.  I sent a client a business contract the other day via email and asked him to return it signed.  He called me and asked me how he was supposed to do that; was he supposed to snail mail it to me?  I kindly suggested that he sign the document and take a picture of it on his iPhone and email the picture to me.  Needless to say, the concept of actually capturing a signature can be a difficult one, particularly if someone lacks a scanner, a fax, or even a pen.

In comes service management software in the cloud, dressed in Superman outfit, cape and all.  Its 2012 after all!  Technology is all about making life easier.  Well how about making your business process easier, and making your techs’ lives easier too with a signature capture application, available whenever, wherever on any mobile device.

Imagine this.  Your plumbing tech has just finished fixing Mrs. Jones’ very leaky sink.  After putting his tools away he takes out his tablet, or smart phone, and connects to Service Proz’s service management solution to access the CRM.  He fills in the details of the job and pulls up an invoice.  He asks Mrs. Jones to use her finger to sign it and asks what email address she would like it emailed to.  He records the email address in the CRM, emails the invoice, wishes her a good day, and gives her his best smile.  He gets in his truck, leaving Mrs. Jones awestruck at the easy, quick, and impressive customer service she just received.  Not only have you provided Mrs. Jones with excellent customer service, but you just captured her satisfaction with a job well done in the form of a signature.

It is that easy!  Never get stuck again tracking down a signature.  Don’t wait your time or your customers’ time.  Demonstrate that your business is on the ball all the time.  A service management solution doesn’t just help you run your business more smoothly; it helps you provide tip top customer service as well.  Next time you are waiting for a signature, think about what you could be doing instead if you had Service Proz!

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