3 Reasons Gift Certificates are Great for Home Service Businesses

With the holiday season already upon us, trading for some home service businesses may suffer and slow down.  Whether business is booming or not, offering gift certificates to current and potential customers during the holiday season is a great revenue generator.  It is also a free and easy way to promote your business but it’s surprising how many businesses do not consider adopting this so here are three reasons why your company should consider providing gift certificates this holiday season and how you can implement a gift certificate program.

Why Gift Certificates?

1.       It’s  a Great Gift

Knowing what to buy for a loved one is a chronic issue that many people suffer from at this time of year.  A gift certificate for house cleaning, lawn care, a repair service, or even a plumbing service is both thoughtful and helpful.  Whether your loved ones have a leaky tap, a filthy house, or they are enduring a case of mice, providing them with the chance to better their home (something they probably won’t spend their own money on) is creative and easy.

2.       Promotion

Making gift certificates available gets your name out there.  It promotes brand awareness because you are increasing the number of people that will hear about your business and then utilize your services.  Purchases of the gift certificates to give to their friends or family (who may then tell others), creates discussion and interest in YOUR company.

3.       Generate New Business

One of the best things that gift certificates can do is generate new clientele, and more business during the slower periods of the year.  Slower periods are mostly a seasonal issue faced by home service businesses but by providing gift certificates you gain control and add new businesses and revenues while your competitors continue to suffer.

How to Implement Gift Certificates at Your Company

  • Plan what types of gift certificates you are going to sell, and set affordable prices.  Are you going to sell an entire service, (i.e. one full house cleaning), or are you going to provide a monetary value that can be used to pay for services of the customer’s choice?
  • Make sure that you are tracking the gift certificates you sell.  Ensure that you have captured the email address and phone number of the purchaser, and record the gift certificate number and amount in your CRM database, or an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Have a graphic designer or print company such as Vistaprint create a gift certificate for you that you can have printed.  It is best to get them professionally printed to promote a strong image.  If you want to make it even easier for customers, you can offer e-coupons, gift certificates that you email to the recipient.  Make sure you include your company’s name, contact number, website, and address.
  • Promote the fact that you offer gift certificates.  Include some blurb on the bottom of your customers’ invoices stating that you have gift certificates available.  Include a note in your company holiday card.  Post signs at your office, and advertize in local newspapers.

As a home service business, have you ever offered gift certificates before?  Was this a successful initiative?  Post a comment and tell us more!

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  1. That is a great idea

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